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02 Juli 2010

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usi2506.Blog Suka-Suka

Hallo world, welcome to my blog. I am usi sanusi, but please just call me usi. the user name of this blog is usi2506. It is Indonesian blog. Of course Iam Indonesian. I was born in a small city in Indramayu town, its name is Indramayu city. I am javanesse, from west java. I always dreams, that could reach my success through blog as my friends. getting money everyday, from the visitors who came to their blogs. But I dont know about blog. I tried to create my  blog by my self, the name of this blog is "usi2506.Blog suka-suka"
  I want to develop my capability in blog bisnis world, and expand my reach of this blog to over world through internet bisnis. So, I change my description blog become" blog pengetahuan, informasi dan bisnis.

if you are the master of blog help me please to expand my better, so it could invite some visitors come and see my blog..
thank you,

My Best Regards, Suka-Suka

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