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05 Juli 2010

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usi2506.Blog Suka-Suka

Hi, world, this is usi2506.Blog Suka-Suka. More less six months ago, I create my blog, and have tried to send to some of web directories, aim it can be detected of search engine and catch my blog to invite the visitors. O, yah, firts I want to introduce my self, my name; usi sanusi, I usually put the user name with usi2506, its means: 25 is my date of birth and 06 is the month of my birth. I have read and heard news from my blogger friends who get amount of money from their blogs. I thinks it is nice, because my hobby is write, so I want my writing is read by all people, I want to explore my idea and oponions, that is why, I create my blog as a place to put down my opinion. 

I want your help to make my blog known by people or by the readers, who look for the information, in addition; I hope my blog is able to invite profit  for me. Thanks for your helping, friends.

My Best regards,


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